Garvin Irrigation Services (GIS) is authorized to install and test backflow prevention assemblies by all water authorities in the Great state of Texas. Our technicians hold current certification by Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). We have the manpower and resources to meet all of your domestic, irrigation and recycled/reclaimed backflow prevention assembly needs.

Garvin Irrigation Services specializes in testing backflow prevention assemblies of all types and sizes including, domestic water meter containment, soda machines, equipment, and irrigation systems. Backflow prevention assembly testing and repair often require an interruption of water services. We at Garvin Irrigation Services have the staffing necessary to allow us the ability to work on your systems at times more convenient for your needs.

Upon completion of testing your assemblies, we will forward all the necessary paperwork to your water authority and send you a copy of the test report along with your invoice.

Please note that there is no guarantee that the assembly will not fail sometime in the future. Dirt and debris in the water system can damage an assembly and make it fail at any time. When we test an assembly, we report that the assembly is working/not working properly at that very moment in time. The future is always uncertain.

We are fully insured for your protection and we will be glad to furnish you with a Certificate of Insurance.

To request a test go to the 'Contact Us' page and type "Test" in the comments box. A representative will contact you.

Repairs can be a nightmare. We at GIS want to take that stress away from you and give peace of mind that all adjustments and repairs will be completed quickly, with quality and efficiency.

There are thousands of reported cases of backflow contamination each year. The results of backflow incidents can be anything from a minor nuisance to illness and even death. The requirement for annual testing is to ensure the backflow is in proper working order and meets the acceptable standard.

In the event that your backflow assembly fails its test and does not meet the acceptable standard, GIS will notify you and provide a cost estimate for the needed repairs. No work will be done without your authorization.

To request a test go to the 'Contact Us' page and type "Repairs" in the comments box. A representative will contact you.

New residential or commercial irrigation systems.

Most municipalities require businesses to install backflow assemblies on their domestic water line, irrigation system, and any other potential cross-contamination that may be on the property.

Backflow prevention assemblies are installed on the customer side of the water meter; therefore, making installations and maintenance the responsibility of the customer, property owner, or management company.

If you need an irrigation system or backflow prevention assembly installation, go to the 'Contact Us' page and type "Installation" in the comments box. A representative will contact you.

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